How to Boil Chestnuts

The last time I had chestnuts I roasted them in the oven. This time I wanted to try boiling them. Boiling the chestnuts took less time and they were easier to peel but they did not taste quite as good. Roasting the chestnuts also smelled really amazing. One benefit of boiling the chestnuts is that it starts to soften them.

1. Cut an X into one side of the chestnuts.
2. Boil the chestnuts in water for 5-10 minutes.
3. Let the chestnuts cool in the water until you can handle them.
4. Peel the shells and the skin from the nuts.

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Dhanggit said...

a month ago, we gathered some chestnuts on the forest of correze in france...we really had so many we roasted some and boiled some of it.. putting the X is really important as you mentioned on your direction..anyhow the funny part of my story the worms didnt resisted much to the sauna heat like of boiling waterof our casserole..but the chestnuts were still good

Elaine said...

Phew! you have just saved Christmas.

Elaine said...

Phew! You have just saved Christmas.


Elaine said...

Phew, You have just saved Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Boiling them 5-10 minutes isn't usually enough. You need to boil at least 10 min, then simmer for 10-15. This really softens up the chestnuts and brings out the natural sweetness. Chestnuts that are boiled properly are sweeter than roasted chestnuts. They melt in your mouth, and IMO taste better.

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