Blueberry Maple Oatmeal Smoothie

Blueberry Maple Oatmeal Smoothie

Blueberry season is quickly coming to an end and I have been trying to get as many of the blueberry dishes on my to try list in as I can. The next one on the list was a recipe for a blueberry and maple syrup oat smoothie that I found on Lisa's Kitchen. The blueberry, maple and oatmeal combo is a really good one and I have used it many times so I knew that this smoothie was going to be really good. I liked the sound of using the rolled oats in a smoothie like this and I just had to try it. The rolled oats are mixed into the yogurt the night before so that they have a chance to soften up for when you turn them into a drink.

Smoothies are one of those things that you can do pretty much whatever you want with them. Once you have determined the primary ingredients that you want you can go wild with the rest. For this smoothie I went with the original recipes idea of using a yogurt base and to that I added some milk to smooth it out a bit, though you could easily use juice or any other liquid. If I had had a banana on hand I would have thrown one in as well but I didn't so I kept things nice and simple. In the full heat of summer I would have considered adding some vanilla frozen yogurt to make it an even cooler treat. It is hard to beat the cool and refreshing blueberry and maple combo in smoothie form and the the rolled oats added a really nice texture to this smoothie. I definitely look forward to making more of these.

Blueberry Maple Oatmeal Smoothie

(makes 2 smoothies)
Printable Recipe

1/2 cup rolled oats
1 cup yogurt
1 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)
2 tablespoon maple syrup
1 cup liquid (I used milk but juices like apple juice would also work well.)

1. Mix the rolled oats into the yogurt and let sit in the fridge over night.
2. Puree everything in a food processor.

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VeggieGirl said...

Blueberries are LOOOONG gone/out-of-season here, so enjoy that smoothie IMMENSELY for me, please! :)

Memória said...

I must try this! Thanks; it looks great and healthy.

Daziano said...

Super Canadian!!!

Christina said...

I love the beautiful flecks of blueberries in there and also the use of the maple syrup for another flavor dimension and sweetener!

Cookbook giveaway on my blog!!!

♥peachkins♥ said...

I'm loving this recipe for a smoothie but I'm gonna have to use canned blueberries.

Anonymous said...

UGGHHHH! Sorry, this is another one of your nasty concoctions.
This looks like stomach bile and blueberries that were freshly eaten.
You have to eat with your eyes, you can put powdered sugar on dog crap but it doesn't mean that it looks tasty.

taiyyaba said...

great picture, kevin!`

Lady P said...

this is like muesli in a cup - me likes!

Nina Timm said...

Fibre, anti-oxidants, calcium, vitamins...what more could you ask from a meal??

Jackie at said...

So cute! I also make this breakfast when hubby is in a hurry in the morning. I transfer it in a paper cup and place a bubble tea fat straw. Check out my oatmeal smoothie version at

Oh I have the same glass, got from Crate and Barrel, the rolo glass, right?

Nikki said...

Looks yummy and healthy! Your photos are always excellent and they are usually the first to catch my eye on foodgawkerdotcom. Keep up the good work!

pityenlacocina said...

we still have blueberries here in london, in fact, i have a box in th fridge, i love this smoothie, sooooo nutritious! great recipe!

cheers from london,


~RED~ said...

Ok first of all, i am LOL @ "Anonomus" comment..
Second, love the photo, and you know what? I am going to soak some oatmeal in yogurt right now, i still have a pile of blueberries left from berry picking, and i just bought more maple syrup :)) Thanks!

Stacey said...

I agree with Nikki. She was the one to turn me onto your blog. Thanks for the photos and the recipes! I know it is a lot of hard work!

Kristin said...

This does sound delicious, but I am not a huge fan of maple syrup! I think I will try this but replace the maple syrup with agave nectar!

Sophie said...

What a yummie & lovely smoothie!!

Beautiful presentation too, Kevin!!

~RED~ said...

I made this today after soaking the oatmeal for 2 days ( i forgot about it, big family) We love it! I am posting, with credit to you, on myspace.... wonderful!!!

Sam said...

Hi Kevin,

Looks scrumptious! Did you use cooked or raw oats?

Kevin said...

Sam: Sorry about that. I soaked the rolled oats in the yogurt over night to soften them up.

Lisa said...

I'm delighted you got an chance to try this smoothie and flattered besides.

Jackie said...

I definitely will be trying this - been on a breakfast kick. Also, I have a food blog too and I just want to say I LOVE how you do the printable recipe thing - such a great idea!!

TheBerryGiant said...

Looks great. Can't wait to try it. Blueberries are my favorite fruit.

Kirby! said...

Made this yesterday morning for breakfast.... DELISH. I had definitely never thought of making a smoothie with oats, but it is awesome.

Spirited Shannon said...

thank you for this wonderful recipe. I've posted it as one of the 10 things i love in today's blog post! Have a visit, here:

nicole aka gidget said...

I ended up here via pinterest, and these are amazing! Thank you! I just want to drink one every day! :)

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