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New Feature: Recipe Index

Due to popular demand I have added a recipe index which can be found in the menu bar just below the header image. You have always been able to get to all of my recipes through the labels and the archives but you have to scroll through the more recent posts to see them all. I have always wanted a quicker way to get at the recipes but blogger did not make it easy. I recently came across a solution that works, even if it required a bit of tinkering and coding. It is a bit slow but it gets the job done and allows you to view all of the recipes in a particular group or category on a single page sorted alphabetically by title. Please take a look at it and let me know what you think. I would love to hear any suggestions about how I can make my recipes easier to access.

Recipe Index


anniebakes said...

kudos, this looks great, thanks for thinking of us!


libraloves said...

I've been meaning to make an index for my blog too, it's so time consuming to go through and categorize everything! But I hate having to scroll through long posts to find recipes. I do tend to visit your blog and just search to see how you've handled a type of food or ingredient, I'm always thinking "what would kevin do with this?"

I like that you simplified the index page into categories that lead to other pages within the index tab. It makes the index page a little less ominous since you have sooo many great recipes. You have such great photos - maybe you could add some visual element to the index pages.

Ashley J said...

The recipe index is awesome! Thank you!

jordan said...

the new index is great! i love the "dip" category, you have so many yummy sounding ones I can't wait to try :)

Anonymous said...

Kevin..good job and thank you. This makes finding a particular recipe so easy! CP

livibetter said...

I stole your idea and wrote my own code.

Here is my Labels page.

I wish you can use my code because I can search recipes tagged with both "Breakfast" and "Egg" when I am in mood to eat egg at breakfast. (Wait! Egg is a must-eat for breakfast right?)

bjahlstrom said...

This is one of the best recipe indexes I've ever seen, and my favorite part is that is truly showcases how many genres you cook in! Wonderful!

Rhondi ~ Big Mama's Home Kitchen said...

Hi Kevin. I really like your recipe index and use it often. I need to add one to my blog but don't want to manually link 335 recipes. Will you share your source for the html code? I have been searching the internet for the past week with no luck. Thanks!

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