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I am very pleased and excited to be guest hosting this weeks Presto Pasta Nights! Pasta dishes are among my favorites dishes and Presto Pasta Nights is one of my favorite Food Blogging events. I have really been looking forward to hosting the roundup this week. Enough of the small talk, lets get straight to the pasta:

Nilmandra of Soy and Pepper brings us our first pasta dish, a simple spaghetti aglio e olio with sundried tomatoes. This dish is a perfect example of the saying "simple is best"!

spaghetti aglio e olio with sundried tomatoes

Orzo is such a versatile pasta as is demonstrated its use in this stew like orzo with linguiça and clams dish brought to us by Heather from Gild of the Voodoolily. I am drooling over this dish even though I have not tried clams yet. Excuse me while I run off to get some clams and sausage and some crusty bread...

Orzo with Linguiça and Clams

Anne from Morsels and Musings brings us one of my favorite pasta dishes, spaghetti alla puttanesca. With garlic, capers, olives, anchovies and chili you just can't go wrong!

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca

This spring pasta has it all, a tasty sounding farfalle pasta with cannellini beans and asparagus in a white mushroom yogurt sauce by Lisa at Lisa's Kitchen. Now I am really curious about adding some creamy beans to pasta now!

Farfalle Pasta with Cannellini Beans and Asparagus in a White Mushroom Yogurt Sauce

Using store bought tortellini is a good way to make a quick and tasty pasta. This week The Budding Cook shares with us a quick Tortelloni in Creamy Tomato Sauce with some spicy chipotle peppers.

Tortellini in Creamy Tomato Sauce

I like using peanut butter in savoury dishes and this week Elle from Elle's New England Kitchen brings us Sesame Chicken and Noodles with a spicy peanut butter sauce.

Sesame Chicken and Noodles

This week Mike from Mike's Table is sharing a Creamy Mustard Pasta dish with us. It is not your average tomato or cream based pasta and it just screams try me.

Creamy Mustard Pasta

It's hard to beat pasta with a good simple tomato sauce! Darron from The Teacher Learns to Cook bring us such a Simple Tomato Sauce. It is always nice to have some extra sauce for soaking up with some crusty bread.

Simple Tomato Sauce

Prawns/shrimp go really well with pasta and dhanggit from dhanggit's kitchen brings us a tasty sounding Spicy Fettucine Curry with Prawns and Mushrooms.

Spicy Fettucine Curry with Prawns and Mushrooms

Baked pastas with gooey melted cheese are a great way to enjoy pasta and Gretchen from Canela & Comino brings us what has to be the most famous of the baked pastas, a Lasagna.


There are so many different types of pasta out there and today I learned about a new one, Paccheri. Judith from Think on it! shares with us a Paccheri dish with an nice vertical presentation.


I really like to be able to use fresh seasonal ingredients in pasta dishes. This week Sara of Cupcake Muffin shares with us a great way with her Creamy Goat Cheese Pasta with Zucchini and Sausage.

Creamy Goat Cheese Pasta with Zucchini and Sausage

Fresh peas are in season right now and they go well in pasta dishes like this Tagliatelle with Peas, Pancetta, and Parmesan brought to us by Lauren from I'll Eat You.

Tagliatelle with Peas, Pancetta, and Parmesan

Sometimes you want the sauce to be the star of the show and sometimes you want the pasta to be the star. This can be the case when you find an interesting flavoured pasta like Ruth from Once Upon A Feast did this week and she shares her Cracked Black Pepper Fettuccine with Herbs & Grilled Vegetables with us.

Cracked Black Pepper Fettuccine with Herbs & Grilled Vegetables

Rita from Mochachocolata-Rita brings us a Creamy Fusili with Sausages, Mushrooms & Baby Corn with a nice twist of using a coconut milk based cream sauce.

Creamy Fusili with Sausages, Mushrooms & Baby Corn

Where store bought ravioli may be good for a quick meal, but nothing beats made from scratch homemade ravioli! Ivy from Kopiaste.... to Greek Hospitality shares with us her homemade Beef Ravioli where the marinara sauce is optional.

Beef Ravioli

Pasta can also be used to to make a pasta salad. Katie from Thyme For Cooking shares with us a hearty Pasta Salad with Sausage and Chickpeas.

Pasta Salad with Sausage and Chickpeas

Ham and peas are a classic combo and ham and pineapple is a classic combo. Tiffany from Lattes and Life shares with us My Mom's Pasta Salad that combines all three.

My Mom's Pasta Salad

Pasta comes in so many different shapes and forms and Maxine from Chew on That introduces us to bucatini with her Chicken Pasta with Tomato Sauce.

Chicken Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Sharon from Culinary Adventures of a New Wife shows us that no meat is required for a tasty pasta with her Spinach Black Bean Lasagna.

Spinach Black Bean Lasagna

One of the things that I like best about pasta is that you can quickly put together a tasty one. All you need is some pasta and a few tasty ingredients like this Pappardelle with Arugula and Bacon by Pam from Sidewalk Shoes.

Pappardelle with Arugula and Bacon

Pestos also go really well with pasta as Sue from Coffee & Cornbread shows us with her Campanelle Salad.

Campanelle Salad

Maybelle's Mom from feeding maybelle shares with us a really interesting twist on a caprese salad meets pasta with this Strawberry Tomato Caprese Fusili.

Strawberry Tomato Caprese Fusili

On a hot summer day a nice cool pasta salad can be the perfect light meal. Avra from I've got food on the brain shares with us a nice Red, White and Green Pasta Salad. Avra's post includes a question about pasta salad dressings; please help her out if you can.

Red, White and Green Pasta Salad

Pumpkin is one of the things that I look forward to in Fall and Tara from Should You Eat That? shows us a really quick and easy Pumpkin Pasta.

Pumpkin Pasta

Ulrike from Küchenlatein shares with us an amazing looking and sounding Homemade Mushroom Ravioli.

Homemade Mushroom Ravioli

Another type of pasta that is great for stuffing are pasta shells. Bobby from Blog Chef brings us some vibrant meat Stuffed Shells.

Stuffed Shells

Using home grown vegetables in your pasta always feels good, especially when it is super healthy, like kale. Marye from Baking Delights shares with us a quick and easy Macaroni, Kale and Beef Casserole.

Macaroni, Kale and Beef Casserole

I bet that lasagna with large sheets of freshly homemade pasta would taste even better that normal. Chriesi from Almond Corner made her own lasagne noodles and without a pasta machine, for her Lasagne al Forno

Lasagne al Forno

Grocery stores are starting to carry more healthy pastas that include things like whole grains. Foodie Tots uses a pasta with flax in her Ginger Soy Shrimp Fusili.

Ginger Soy Shrimp Fusili

Becke from Columbus Foodie shares with us a Greek-Style Lamb and Eggplant Lasagne which is billed as a cross between a pastitsio and moussaka. Pastitsio and moussaka are both really good and this lasagne promises to be great.

Greek-Style Lamb and Eggplant Lasagne

You just can't go wrong with a simple pasta that includes bacon or in this case, pancetta. Serena from Rock Cakes shares with us a tasty sounding Pancetta and Bean Pasta.

Pancetta and Bean Pasta

Wiffy at Noob Cook brings us one of my favorite quick and tasty pastas, Aglio Olio with Prawns.

Aglio Olio with Prawns

If you are tired of making spaghetti with marinara sauce the try Eliza's Spaghetti, Mushroom and Tomato Bake at Notes from My Food Diary for a nice change.

Spaghetti, Mushroom and Tomato Bake

Kittie from Kittens in the Kitchen shares with us Balsamic-Caramelised Echalion Pasta with Meatballs. Those balsamic caramelized onions sound like a tasty addition to a tomato sauce.

Balsamic-Caramelised Echalion Pasta with Meatballs

Couscous is perhaps the quickest pasta around and Sher from What Did You Eat brings us a colourful Couscous Salad With Spinach And Lemon Thyme Dressing.

Couscous Salad With Spinach And Lemon Thyme Dressing

And finally, my contribution to this weeks Presto Pasta Nights, an Asparagus Carbonara.

Asparagus Carbonara

What a tasty week of pasta! If you are still looking for more pasta you can try the archives here and here.

Presto Pasta Night's creator Ruth at Once Upon a Feast will be hosting next weeks Presto Pasta Nights. Please send your submissions to her at ruth AT 4everykitchen DOT com before Friday June the 19th. You can find out who is hosting Presto Pasta Nights any time by going here. If you are interested in hosting Presto Pasta Nights you can find the info that you need here.


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