On Vacation

Tomorrow I am off to Seattle to attend the International Food Bloggers Conference which should be loads of fun! After the conference is over I will be spending a few days exploring Seattle and all that it has to offer. What are the "don't miss" foodie things to do in Seattle after visiting the Pike Market Place?

After a few days in Seattle I am heading back to Canada but I will be stopping off in Vancouver for the long weekend before returning to Toronto. What are the "must do" foodie things in Vancouver after visiting the Granville Market? For some reason the japadogs keep popping up in my searches. :)

Time to finish packing. I'll be back in the kitchen and blogging after the long weekend!


NW Mom said...

Kevin, have a great time! I used to attend school in Seattle. Try to get to one of the authentic Chinese or Japanese restaurants downtown; I unfortunately don't have specific names as it's been a while, but you could ask for recommendations at the Pike Place Market. If you have an interest in Native cultures, make a side trip to the Burke Museum on the University of Washington campus; they have a fantastic exhibit there! Also, if you like zoos, the Woodland Park Zoo is a lot of fun. So is the Aquarium. You can purchase tickets for cheap to all these things and more by Googling City Pass Seattle -- you get a whole bunch of tickets for one very reasonable price. It will get you on the Space Needle, the Aquarium, the zoo, etc. You can also take a 2-hour boat tour of the harbor if you like architecture -- the boats leave from the wharf area by the aquarium, where the ferries also are. Hope this makes sense!

Kristen Valcik said...

Enjoy your time and happy vacation eating!!!

Jess @ Bakericious said...

Hi Kelvin, enjoy your conference and vacation in seattle!

Anonymous said...

In Vancouver you must have some Indian at Vij's and some sushi at Tojo's.
Seattle has many great things to offer and besides food, the "Underground Seattle" tour is actually really cool.

Anonymous said...

Canlis (Seattle) is fantastic, if a bit pricey.

If you can swing it, the Herb Farm in Woodinville is worth every penny. It is expensive and a full evening, but it is amazing. The food and the service are both fantastic.

Ballet on 914 E Pike St is completely the opposite of the other price tags and is still the best pho I've ever had. All their noodle dishes are great, as is the teriyaki and everyone I know who eats meat (I don't, I stick to the tofu/fake meat) says it's tasty, especially for being so cheap.

Rita said...

Enjoy the events! Too pricey for me, so I passed. Here in Seattle, if you are looking for fresh spices, World Spice (at the market) is great. At the market you will also see the Sur La Table store, full of goodies, and many other kitchen stores. If you are looking for restaurant tips, don't miss Tilth. It is my fave here in Seattle, but we have so many good options (all of Tom Douglas are excellent), but I am sure folks at the Conference will hook you up with some pretty good eats. If you happen to be at the Westlake center (monorail), look up and you will see the Allrecipes sign. That's where I work and I am happy to show you the place if you'd like to. Have fun!!!

Velva said...

Have an awesome vacation! Enjoy the conference and the extra few days you have to explore.

Alexandra said...

Seeing as it is summer, I would recommend La Casa International Gelato. You have over 200 flavours to choose from! Everything you could think of, and the gelato/ice cream is just plain tasty as well. Haha, probably not exactly what you were looking for, but it could be a nice afternoon snack :)

Gloria said...

Dear Kevin have a nice vacations, x gloria

Teri said...

What fun! Seattle is one of my favorite cities to visit. Foodie visit... haven't made it there *yet* but Salumi is supposed to be fantastic.

Gavin said...

Have a blast on the West Coast!

The two things I definitely miss the most in Vancouver are Japadog and "The Eatery" which has a great vibe and some insane sushi combinations (i.e. "The Fat Elvis" tempura avocado and the "Electric Banana" roll tempura banana/eel.)

E² - Esther Eve Metalsmith said...

My absolutely favorite place to go in Seattle, is a little known place called Thirteen Coins. An ex boyfriend took me there once, and it was a beautiful experience. They truely open 24 hours for a full menu. You must sit at the "bar" which is really a food bar, and you can watch them cook. Get their creme brule with a great glass of chardonnay.

Also, a dive place but Blu Water Bistro on Lake Union in Seattle has the BEST king crab mac and cheese....ever.

Good luck!

The Cast-Iron Darling said...

My very favourite set of restaurants in Vancouver are owned/cheffed by Andre Durbach -- check out La Buca (my fav), L'Autre Buca, and Pied a Terre. Great local produce served up in classic French/Italian style. Not to be missed.
Have a great time!

becky said...

The coastal kitchen is very good. They are a 'touring' restaurant and right now the theme is Santorini. Serious Pie is great pizza place with strange combinations and buffalo milk mozzarella. Carmelita is a vegetarian place that is quite creative and wonderful.

tamilyn said...

Have a fun trip Kevin! I've never been to either place, so I can't offer any advice.

Janie said...

You need to eat mac and cheese from Beecher's (located in the market). They make all their own cheese, and the mac and cheese is the BEST I've ever had.

Tom Douglas has some great restaurants in Seattle that are worth checking out. Our family especially loves the Dahlia Bakery (they have coconut cream pie bites that are absolutely divine).

Have fun on your trip!

Madamina said...

Go see Tim at City Fish in Pike Place Market! Tell him that his sister Sergei sent you. (Just trust me *giggle*)

They are NOT the fish throwers.(It bruises the flesh!)

Kyla said...

Hi Kevin,
I am a dedicated blog followerer and a local vancouverite.So here are my list of Vancouver food things: (oh and I agree with Granville Island as well)

Richmond Night market: this is a night market that takes place Friday- Sunday which has stall after stall of interesting food lots of which can't be found elsewhere. www.summernightmarket.com

Kitchen/Food Store- Gourmet Warehouse is a just that a warehouse filled with great finds for a foodie.
Restaurant Experience (in my order of preference):
Les Faux Bourgeois- this incredible and reasonably priced restaurant is just mouth watering good. Oh the mussels and the quail I had there on my last visit- just amazing. http://lesfauxbourgeois.com/

Vijs- delicious Indian fusion note that they don't take reservations but they have a sister restaurant next door that is easier to get into to. Vijs is wonderful.

Chambar- this is an Afro-Belgium restaurant their lamb tajine and mussels are soo tasty. Great drink selection as well. Most popular restaurant according to dinehere.ca

Japa dog is an experience and should be tried at least once very delicious granted the wait is a bit. There are new food carts that are getting lots of buzz including a BBQ pulled pork sandwich cart that is on Georgia downtown.

I have to go as I have made myself very hungry. Perhaps I will need to go back to Lex Faux tomorrow I could go every day.
Oh and make sure you get sushi while in town we have hundreds my favourite is Ro for unique rolls on Broadway a block east of Cambie their ninja roll or green hornet are wonderfull.

amjadbutt said...


Ildy said...

Have a good trip!

Anonymous said...

Seattle foodie places:
West Seattle has Full Tilt ice cream (regular & vegan) made on site with exotic flavors that change constantly. You may be lucky enough to get Absinthe if you get there before Justin runs out. He was written up in the NYTimes recently.

Meryl said...

Hi Kevin,

I've been visiting your blog for awhile now, and love your recipes and photos!

I've never been to Seattle, but a friend of mine sent me some chocolates from a local chocolatier called Fiori Chocolatiers. Their
Sera 65% is fantastic! Their Giorno 60% is also good, but the Sera is outstanding.

Here's a link to their site with a list of their locations:

Jessiker said...

I'm officially jealous! But have fun!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Have a great time! I'd love to go to Seattle and attend that connference!



Joanne said...

Have fun Kevin! Oh how I wish I could have gone!

bellini valli said...

There is a chocolate tour in Seattle that would be right up there with a tour with Jan Marie of Seattle Bites with Jan Marie Johnson.In Vancouver there are several tours with Edible BC to Chinatown Town, Granville Market and their version of Little Italy.

Anonymous said...

Gyoza King in Vancouver, on Robson street. And then walk the ten minutes to Stanley Park, find some place that sells ice cream and savour it on the beach!

Katie said...

try the cuban sandwich at Paseo!

Nate said...

I recommend Theo Chocolate - it's a fair trade and organic chocolatier, and it's the first and only one that imports its cocoa beans fresh to the US and handles everything from the roasting to the finished product here. They have bars made of beans from specific locales, as well as many really novel flavors like Chai Tea and Curry.

Key tip: if you want to do their factory tour (which I hear is amazing) you should call ahead, as it fills up in advance. Enjoy your trip!

Blessed Homemaker said...

I'm sure you'll have loads of fun at the International Food Bloggers Conference. Enjoy your vacation!

PS: Though I haven't been posting much here, I've been lurking around.

Anonymous said...

In Seattle, I'd want to hit up Delancey - Molly from Orangette's husband's new pizza place. Enjoy!

Ange Friesen said...

Please eat Vancouver Ramen for me. I'm particularly fond of Kintaro. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Lindsay said...

Bambuza Vietnamese Bistro, right across from the convention center, is amazing! I highly recommend the chicken Pho.

Pam said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I would head to Salumi (309 Third Ave South). They have excellent cured meats as well as incredible sandwiches made from said meats. Anthony Bourdain made the stop, so you should too!

Katherine Martin said...

I live in Seattle (well, I moved here a month ago) and am also attending the conference!

Some of my favorites:
Red Mill Burger
Paseo (Caribbean sandwiches)
Cactus (Tex Mex)
The Bustle
Cafe Flora
The Pike
Molly Moon (ice cream)
Tamarind Tree (Vietnamese)
Uptown Espresso
Cupcake Royale
Annnnd I can't remember anymore - there is so much good food here!

See you at the conference!

--The Ginger Cook

Anonymous said...

Check out the Ballard neighborhood. The Sunday market is great. Paseo's makes amazing Cuban sandwiches. Someone already mentioned Salumi and Beecher's cheese. The spice shop at the market is great too. The international district is a must. Start at Uwajimaya and go from there. There are some great wineries in Woodinville/Redmond area, close to the city. So many things and I'm sure the conference will have tons of great suggestions.

We Are Not Martha said...

Have SO much fun!! And take lots of pictures!


Jeanne said...

Have a great time Kevin..
I think that is lot of fun

ShoeboxChef said...

Hello there, I happened to stumble upon your blog today (perhaps you are already here in Seattle?) while looking for an interesting version of a sundried tomato pesto recipe (thanks for yours). I feel compelled to write you because I, too, cook from a tiny kitchen and call myself the "Shoebox Chef." Check me out on http://blog.shoeboxchef.com/ when you get the chance.

I look forward to following your blog! Your photos are beautiful and the recipes look delicious. Enjoy your time in Seattle -- if you're a cheese lover, check out Beecher's Cheese in Pike Place Market. There are also some great eateries on Capital Hill, just east of downtown. Cafe Presse makes some delicious French fare, and makes the best cappuccino in town. Dilletante is all about chocolate, and they make a mocha with their special Ephemere chocolate sauce (it has butter in it! Like, real dairy butter, not just cocoa butter) that is so decadent. If you want to check out a foodie's market (besides Pike Place) check out Metropolitan Market in Queen Anne. They carry a glorious selection of local artisan breads, cheeses, salami, and wine. They import countless varieties of salt, olive oils and chocolates. It's heaven!

Enjoy your time here! I hope you'll tell us all about the conference. I really wish I could attend!

Thanks for sharing your food stories!

Anonymous said...

There are (finally) some great options in Seattle for foodies. As a Seattle native and resident, I would have to recommend the following:
- Harvest Vine (http://www.harvestvine.com/)
- Salumi (amazing cured meats, sandwiches, etc.)
- How To Cook A Wolf (Ethan Stowell restaurant)
- Dahlia Bakery (Tom Douglas)
- Le Pichet (French, by Pike Place Market)
- Paseo (cuban sandwiches)
- Chocolate Tour (http://www.theochocolate.com/)

Have a great time!

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

Lucky Lucky!! *jealous*

Have an awesome time, Kevin!

Anonymous said...

While in Vancouver you must visit Vij's restaurant. The best Indian food in North America. Bar none.

Trust me.


Cookin' Canuck said...

Have a fantastic time at IFBC, Kevin. I hope to get there next year. I was going to make the same suggestion as "Anonymous" - Indian at Vij's & sushi at Tojo's. Two of my favorites!

Ratha said...

You have to have dim sum at Sun Sui Wah on Main Street-it's absolutely the best! Skip The Eatery for sushi-overpriced, bad service ok sushi. I would def hit up an izakaya. In my opinion the Guu in Gastown is fabulous as is Kadoya (both Japanese Izakayas both fabulous). For a "fancy" dinner/meal-Carderos or Seasons in the Park-Seasons has a stunning view, wonderful attentive staff n delicious well prepared food :)

Ratha said...

u must have dim sum at Sun Sui Wah on Main street-so tasty and def part of what Vancouver is all about. I would skip The Eatery-overpriced, terrible service, ok food and hit an izakay instead-my favourites are Guu in Gastown or Kinyo on Davie Street. For a fancy meal my favourites are Seasons in the Park (terrific views, awesome staff, in a vancouver landmark) or Carderos (right on the water in coal harbour) TRUST ME if you do you will be happy and so will your belly :)

Ilsan Adrienne said...

While at Pike Place Market you can try a really wonderful kimchi wrap. I got one when I was there a couple weeks ago (I never pass up an opportunity to eat kimchi) and it made a good lunch.

style'n said...

Kevin-I am new to your blog and love it. I am Canadian (but live in Boston and have been in the States a long time) Anyway-if you like Indian Vij's in Vancouver is a MUST. no reservations-so show up early! The lamb popsicles are to die for. Also, Go Fish on Granville Island has the best fish/chips and asian coleslaw. the lines are also long here but worth it. Tojo's is also a MUST!!!

Anonymous said...

Old Sichuan on 12th and Jackson in seattle is the best chinese food I've had outside of China and also inexpensive.

Anonymous said...

In Seattle, Full Tilt ice cream also has a location in the University District.

The Pink Door is a local "secret" restaurant in Pike Place Market-- no sign, just a pink door in Post Alley.

In the International District, Green Leaf serves the best Vietnamese food in town. And grocery store Uwajimaya (also in the ID) is a fascinating experience.

Vegetable chopper said...

Have a excellent, wonderful, amazing, super vacation;).
And thank you so much for this blog!

Caren said...

featured on Food Network all the time! Excellent donuts.

outstanding pizza! The soft egg pizza is to die for!

Best chowder I've ever eaten....numerous awards

If ur into Happy Hours this tool is great....

Wineries of Woodinville are about a 40 minute drive from Seattle. Efeste and Mark Ryan are two of my favorites and very well respected wineries.

Enjoy! Seattle is foodie heaven!

Caren said...

featured on Food Network all the time! Excellent donuts.

outstanding pizza! The soft egg pizza is to die for!

Best chowder I've ever eaten....numerous awards

If ur into Happy Hours this tool is great....

Woodinville Wineries are about a 40 min drive from SEA. Efeste and Mark Ryan are two of my fav's and are very well respected in the wine community.

Marisa Midori said...

I recently visited Kingfish Cafe in Seattle. Definitely a must! And I think it was already said, but Go Fish just off of Granville Island in Vancouver is also my go-to place for fish and chips. Be prepared for lineups at both places and have a great trip!

Marisa Midori said...

Oh and Cafe Flora in Seattle!


Anonymous said...

I just moved from Seattle to Austin a few months ago and what I consider to be the absolute must haves are:

- Dinner at Art of the Table
- Cuban Press at Paseo
- Croissant at Cafe Besalu
- Hamachi at Nishino
- Beignets at Cafe Flora
- Avatar Jasmine IPA at Elysian
- Vivace Espresso

Celeste said...

Hi Kevin,
I am going to agree with Vij's as an excellent choice.
If in Granville Island, stop at my friends fudge shop, Old World Fudge. Also within the market is a store that profiles local foodie wares, Edibles they are called.
Great place to pickup some foodie gifts to bring back home.

Anonymous said...

Not really a culinary experience, but a quintessential bit of Vancouver - either breakfast or cocktail hour treats at the Sylvia Hotel - a seat with a view over English Bay: A big breakfast after a walk along the Stanley Park Seawall, or late afternoon glass of chilled BC white and a big pot of steamed mussels...they make a decent Manhattan too.


Anna Kwok said...

sounds like a lot of fun. just added your blog on my daily reading exercises. there is another food blogger that will be attending the same conference, chef john, from foodwishes.blogspot.com. i only passed through seattle quickly but had some good and cheap dim sum. don't remember the name but i am sure you will have no trouble. As for Vancouver, one of my favourite places in the world, I would recommend the Vancouver Chinatown night market. Never been but bring your appetite. I've been to night markets in Asia and they are the best. don't eat dinner cause you will need all the space to taste all the wonderfully deep fried, grilled, stir-fried and steamed food. Have fun.

Jennifer (Savor) said...

Hope you had a great tieem Kevin - looking forward to reading your post.
By the way, I moved to a new URL: http://www.savoringthethyme.com/

Maryam said...

enjoy and have fun .. wish you all the best!

Jean said...

Hey Kevin!

If it's not raining when you're here (it's raining as I type in Seattle), try going on a hike to Mt. Si or go to Golden Garden or Alki Beach. Kerry Park or Gasworks park are a great place to have a picnic and they have such beautiful views of the city. As for food places to go, everyone here has given you such great ideas already! But here are a few more in case you're still hungry: Bakery Nouveau (my favorite bakery in Seattle!), Maneki Restaurant (Japanese food + sushi), Mashiko (sustainable sushi). There's also a stretch on Highway 99 (also known as Aurora) and N 200th St, where there are many Korean restaurants and supermarkets. Take care and have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Piroshky Piroshky
Pike Place Mkt.|1908 Pike Pl. (bet. Stewart & Virginia Sts.) Seattle, WA 98101

The sweet ones are fine but the savory ones are to die for. Choose any kind that appeals to you, you won't be sorry. In fact, get a sackful.

Carrie said...

I saw you at the conference and I'm 90% sure I saw you on the waterfront today.Not that I'm a stalker, you just have a distinct appearance.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the conference! Always wanted to tell you that your Spanakopita style lasagna has always been one of my favorites. Thanks!

Delishhh said...

Did you read my post on if you only had a weekend in Seattle where to go and eat - http://delishhh.com/?p=509 you should check out these places. How was the conference? To bad the weather here in Seattle sucks this week.

Anonymous said...

Skillet Street Food! This crazy little trailer that drives around Seattle to bring food to a location near you. Kevin, I had the most life changing crab cakes here. Life changing in that since then I thought I had fallen in love with crab cakes, and order them at every restaurant I've gone to, from upscale restaurants to grungy bars, and each experience has left me craving those crunchy crabby morsels of greatness I tasted at Skillet.
Warning 1: Do not eat here if you ever want to enjoy crab cakes elsewhere ever again.
Warning 2: Menu changes daily, so those life changing crab cakes may not be on the menu.

FabFrugalFood said...

So nice to meet you in person in Seattle. I've been a CC fan for a long time!


Nurit said...

Hi Kevin!
It was great meeting you at IFBC.

KT Eng said...

I can't wait to see some of your posts about Seattle when you get back home! I live in Seattle and I'm ashamed to say that I haven't tried much of anything around here. Sure .. I eat out a lot but that's about it =)I'm excited to see what you did when you were in town!

Miss Smartypants Chio said...

gave you a blog award @ http://happydyingsun.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Hi, First I've been reading your blog for a while, but this is my first post. I wanted to thank you for all the great recipes and photos. :) My husband and I went to Seattle last year and we are still talking about our next trip mainly so that we can eat at this great little Greek place we found near the Queen Anne/Space needle area. It's called Panos Kleftiko and I highly suggest the house specialty: arni kleftiko sto psomi. O. M. G. Amazing. Great little mom and pop hole in the wall. The food was fabulous and the staff and other diners were great as well, giving us suggestions on things to do during our trip. This is a definite can't miss. Have a fun and safe trip! -starryskies

Anonymous said...

Kevin they sell a bizarre tea in the Pike Place Market called "Market Spice Tea". It's a cinnamon orange tea which is blindingly strong, sweet and just as spicy as Atomic Fireballs. It tastes nothing like most teas. It's very sweet but supposedly contains no sugars and gets its sweetness from the heavy dose of citrus oil (a lot of diabetics seem to drink it). It's so saturated with citrus and cinnamon oils the tea tags turn dark.

honey82 said...

Buon viaggio e tanti complimenti per i tuo bellissimo blog,davvero mooolto interessante e tu sei bravissimo nel creare i tuoi piatti!!!!;-)
W il Canada..che amo!!!:-)

a123 said...

In Vancouver, there is an awesome restaurant on Main Street called Grub. A little bit on the hipster end of things but so delicious and under appreciated.

Joshua Toenjes said...

go to the first Starbucks!

Edain said...

Enjoy your holiday! :)

Oh and I've just given you an award: http://englishpaganincanada.blogspot.com/2010/09/additions-and-award.html

Enjoy! :)

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

Kevin, have a great time on vacation. I've never been to Seattle so I can't give you any tips, but I can't wait to see where you go!

Anonymous said...

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