Mashed White Beans with Spinach and Olives

Mashed White Beans with Spinach and Olives

I am a huge fan of mashed potatoes! They are nice and light and fluffy and so addictively good even when flavoured simply with milk and butter. A while ago I had come across the concept of mashed white beans in the form of this recipe for mashed white beans with spinach and olives on Choosy Beggars . I was immediately intrigued by the idea of mashed white beans and the flavours in this recipe were right down my alley! Recently I have been trying to go for some lighter and healthier dishes and it seemed like the perfect time to try some mashed beans.

These mashed beans are pretty easy to make and for the most part the ingredients will come from your pantry. If you have any fresh herbs lingering in your fridge that need using this dish is perfect for using them up but if you don't have them then dried are good as well. The mashed white beans certainly were packed with flavour and oh the aroma! All of the herbs in the beans quickly filled my apartment with the most amazingly aromas and they really took this dish over the edge. Every time I entered my apartment for the next while, I caught a whiff of those herbs and I was immediately craving a bowl of the mashed beans! Even with all of the flavours and the aromas, I have to say that my favorite part of this dish was how creamy the mashed beans were. They definitely give mashed potatoes a run for they money.

Mashed White Beans with Spinach and Olives

Mashed White Beans with Spinach and Olives

Servings: 4
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 medium onion (diced)
  • 4 cloves garlic (chopped)
  • 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1 cup vegetable broth (or chicken broth)
  • 2 (15 ounce) cans white beans (drained and rinsed) (or 3 cups cooked beans, from 1 cup dry)
  • 4 sprigs thyme (or 1/2 teaspoon dry)
  • 2 sprigs rosemary (or 1/2 teaspoon dry)
  • 2 sprigs oregano (or 1/2 teaspoon dry)
  • 1 bay leaf
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 cup vegetable broth (or chicken broth)
  • 1/4 cup kalamata olives (pitted and coarsely chopped)
  • 1 (8 ounce) package fresh spinach (rinsed and coarsely chopped)
  • 1/2 lemon (juice)
  1. Heat the oil in a pan.
  2. Add the onion and saute until lightly golden brown, about 10-12 minutes.
  3. Add the garlic and pepper flakes and saute until fragrant, about a minute.
  4. Add the broth, beans, herbs, salt and pepper and simmer. covered, until the beans start to break down, about 20 minutes.
  5. Remove the herbs and mash half of the beans.
  6. Add as much broth as needed to get the beans to your desired consistency.
  7. Mix in the olives and the spinach.
  8. Cook until the spinach just wilts, remove from heat and hit it with a splash of lemon juice.


giz said...

Love the mix on this recipe - it's like a meditteranean bible come to life.
Happy New Year!

Kalyn said...

Sounds like a definite winner!

Jennifer and Jaclyn @ sketch-free vegan said...

have I told you I love you?!

Dinners and Dreams said...

Mashed white beans sound even better than mashed potatoes even though I'm a big fan of the latter too.

Have a nice weekend!

Nisrine said...

This recipe sounds really delicious. I can't wait to try it. Sooo healthy too!

♥peachkins♥ said...

looks good!

Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

So fantastic-looking! And packed with healthy ingredients.

Prathima Rao said...

What an awesome spread u have in ur blog!!! Now glad to be following u...!!!

jeanette said...

This sounds so flavorful with all the different herbs and olives. Mashed white beans are so much better for you than regular potatoes too, and I love the spinach in the dish.

janet said...

Kevin, this looks like such an awesome recipe. I love your pick of flavours. :)

Rachel said...

What an intriguing and different dish! I love all the ingredients and the end result is beautiful with all that green.

Di said...

Looks delicious, full of flavor and very healthy!

Choosy Beggar Tina said...

Kevin, so glad that you enjoyed this dish!! Yours looks delicious and photographed much better than mine did. Hey, it must be braised white bean season....someone else posted it today too!

Happy New Year

Callie Grayson said...

oh, my this looks so good! perfect for a winter meal!!!
I will add this to my list of must cook list!!

MedifastCoupon said...

This dish is full of protien and flavour. What a great idea for a vegetarian dish.

Stefania said...

Che meraviglia di ricetta , ciao

a-man said...

Nice photo and an interesting bean recipe!!
Thank you for posting.

Alisa Fleming said...

Marvelous symphony of flavors Kevin! This post really caught my eye ... and my appetite!

Lisa said...

I love your blog!
Always great recipes!

Kel said...

Fantastic! This is being added to the very long list of must make recipes. It is going to the top, however!

Ashley said...

i;m seriously drooling for this...

Jan said...

Oooh yum - a great idea!


Great! I´m gonna try this fr my next, once a week recipe


Joanne said...

I had some mashed white beans in a restaurant the other day that had me literally swooning! Love the spinach and olive add-ins here!

Emma said...

Oh wow this looks so delicious and healthy. Lovely ingredients.

Heather said...

Mmmm....nothing not to love about this recipe!!

krissy said...

I made this last night, and even though I forgot to buy an onion for the recipe, didn't have any rosemary on hand, and used veggie broth, it was absolutely wonderful! An easy-peasy dish and another delish vegetarian meal. Thanks!

MedifastCoupons said...

I'm going to try and give this recipe a try tonight. I think it might be a good way to get my kids to eat spinach!

Jenny Flake said...

Now this is my kind of dish! Healthy and gorgeous!!

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