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I know that a number of you follow my new recipes on Google reader and by now I am sure that you are aware that the Google Reader service is shutting down! This is quite the blow for me as I have been using Google reader everyday to keep up with all of my favourite sites ever since I first started using it. Luckily there are alternative readers that you can use including feedly or bloglovin which can import all of your Google Reader feeds and you can continue following all of your favourite sites without skipping a beat!

If you do not follow my new recipes through Google Reader or if you do not know what I am talking about, then you have nothing to worry about, you will continue to receive all of my new recipe updates as normal.

If you do follow my new recipes through Google Reader, make sure to move over to another reader app and subscribe to the Closet Cooking feed in your new reader app. You can of course also follow all of my updates in any of the following other ways:

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Mike said...

I switched to Feedly a week or so ago and after using it for a while, I'm not so sure I don't like it better than Google Reader. I was disappointed that GR was ending, but that's b/c I'm an old coot and don't like change (that isn't necessary, anyway!) The thing I like best about Feedly is that GR wouldn't always show graphics with the feed entry, but Feedly does. (which is great for those photo-centric sites to which I subscribe as well as the photography blogs, lets me decide if a visit to them is worth the effort)

I have subscribed for a while and amongst my hundred or so recipe sites, this is one of my favorites! Also "liked" you on Facebook.

jenn said...

i follow you on Bloglovin' now! sad to see GR go but happy i can still keep up with your recipes :)

karolina said...

I'm prepared! I follow You on Bloglovin' now:)

isaiah43123 said...

I too have used Google Reader for some time and wondered where to turn. Thanks for giving some direction

Peter Pottinger said...

+1 for feedly!!

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