Gluten-free Recipes

Gluten-free Recipes

Update: Jan 15, 2017 - It's January I was thinking that it's the perfect time to update my collection of the most popular gluten-free recipes! I've added a lot of new gluten-free recipes since the original post and I have now added to the roundup!

One of the most commonly requested features on Closet Cooking these days has been gluten-free recipes and an easy way of accessing them. As it turns out, I have quite a few recipes that are gluten-free, more than 700, and there are even more that can easily be made gluten-free! I have spent the last few weeks labelling/tagging/categorizing and pinning all of my gluten-free recipes so that they can be more easily found and used! While I was going through all of the gluten-free recipes I took the opportunity to roundup the 50 most popular ones, which you can find below, and it is a tasty collection recipes! That's enough rambling, on to the gluten free recipes!

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Note: I used an automated tool to find all of the gluten-free recipes and it's not perfect so there may be a few recipes marked as gluten-free that are not since the tool may not be familiar with all ingredients. If you do find anything that is incorrectly labelled as gluten-free, please let me know and I will fix it! Also, if you know about any of my recipes that can easily be made gluten-free that are not labeled as gluten-free, please let me know and I can add tips to the recipes to make them gluten-free.

Gluten-free Recipes

More Gluten-free Recipes

Looking for more gluten-free recipes? Check out my Gluten-free Recipes Pinboard.

Gluten-free Recipes Pinboard


Rona said...

Thanks for doing this, Kevin!

Janet said...

I'm kind of baffled by the "gluten-free" movement in general, because a small percentage of our population is either allergic or sensitive to wheat products, but doesn't anyone who actually finished elementary school in the US understand that to be "gluten-free" it has to be "wheat-free?" Not a confusing concept.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, thank you so much for going to the trouble of tagging your recipes that are gluten free. After two years, I am finally learning how to best substitute ingredients so that I can still eat them. I've always used a lot of recipes from your blog before my diagnosis of celiac disease and am thrilled to be able to find the gluten free ones all in one place. And, just to enlighten the commenter above--Gluten-free is NOT just wheat free. There are many other ingredients that contain gluten, including many thickeners and the one that surprised me most, soy sauce. It is a very very steep learning curve that when you begin, feels insurmountable. I cried the first time I went to the grocery store after diagnosis. It felt like there was nothing left to eat! Of course I have learned that fresh, non-processed food is always better any way and seldom contains gluten. What we really lose is convenience. I could go on about this topic for hours, but will not. I have learned the hard way that I will die if I deliberately eat gluten and continue to damage my intestines. That is not being ultra-dramatic, when I was admitted to the emergency room before my diagnosis, I was classified as near death from nutrient malabsorption. My digestive system was so damaged that I was no longer able to utilize any of the nutrients from my food, and finally, even water. That serves as a pretty strong incentive to remain gluten-free.

Jenny said...

Great round up!!

Maria Lichty said...

The recipes look great!

Dr Martin Huang said...

I'm in love with these recipes especially the chicken hot and sour soup. It reminds me of my childhood. My favorite.

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