Low-carb Recipes

Low-carb Recipes

Update (Jan 8 2017): The beginning of the year is the perfect time to update this collection of Low-carb recipes with all of the amazing new ones since it was originally published a year and a half ago!

Due to popular demand I have made it easier to find all of the low-carb recipes on Closet Cooking! I went through all of my recipes and labeled/tagged the low carb ones so that you can easily identify which recipes are low carb and search for them in various ways. As it turns out I have shared quite a few low carb recipes, almost 500, ranging from mains to sides, appetizers/snacks, soups, salads, sandwiches, etc. Once I had identified all of the low-carb recipes it seemed only natural to share the most popular ones in a roundup and you can find them below!

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Note: I used an automated tool to find all of the low-carb recipes and it's not perfect so there may be a few recipes marked as low-carb that are not since the tool may not be familiar with all ingredients. If you do find anything that is incorrectly labelled as low-carb, please let me know and I will fix it! Also, if you know about any of my recipes that can easily be made low-carb that are not labeled as low-carb, please let me know and I can add tips to the recipes to make them low-carb.

Low-carb Recipes

More Low-carb Recipes

Looking for more low-carb recipes? Check out my Low-carb Recipes Pinboard.

Low-carb Recipes Pinboard


Anonymous said...

I looked at a few of the recipes and noticed that your automated tool had chosen some sandwiches. Since bread has about 35 grams of carb for two slices, it's hard to call it low carb. Also, I didn't see any nutritional info listed for the sandwiches that I viewed. It'd be useful if it was available. Thanks for the recipes.

Cregan Massey said...

Low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Love them, especially the fresh pea salad which always makes a great side dish. Anyway, I highly recommend using whole wheat bread for the sandwiches - it does have carbs, but it has a substantial amount of protein and fiber, making it perfect for people who are working out.

Olivia said...

That looks great! I have to try so much recipes!

Megan Keno said...

What a line up of flavors and fun, Kevin!!

Itsmeee Vanilla said...

This is a great idea! It would be so much easier to find the recipies and make them!

Jo said...

You live in Toronto (I live in Kitchener) and I wondered where you buy your shrimp. I find shrimp in Ontario pretty tasteless especially since living at the coast in North Carolina.

Kevin Lynch said...

Jo: I have not had the chance to enjoy fresh shrimp on the coast of North Carolina so I cannot compare but I usually get the PC 16-20 black tiger shrimp as the are readily available.

Jo said...

Hie thee to the coast young man. You really should get to try fresh caught seafood. Maybe for your next vacation?

By PC I assume you mean President's Choice?

Kevin Lynch said...

Jo: I do need to get to the coast! Yes, President's Choice.

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