6 Ingredient Recipes

6 Ingredient Recipes

One request that I keep getting is for a list of 5 or 6 ingredient recipes and I think that's a great idea! I went through my main course recipes and collected all of the ones with 6 ingredients or less and I labeled/tagged them all as 6 ingredient recipes! As it turns out, I have a fair number of them, and these easy 6 ingredient recipes are are far from boring! In fact many of them are among my favourite recipes! I mean who doesn't like a recipe with only a handful of ingredients? Once I had identified all of the 6 ingredient recipes I had to roundup the top 50 recipes and share them with you here today and here the are!

Note: I did not count oil for frying and salt and pepper in the ingredient counts. If you notice any that are mislabeled or you know of another one of my recipes that can easily be modified to be 6 ingredients of less, please let me know!


6 Ingredient Recipes


Maria Lichty said...

Only a few ingredients for a great meal sounds perfect to me!

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