Grilled Meat on a Stick

Grilled Meat on a Stick

There's nothing quite like grilled meat on a stick in the summer! I guess it's the being on a stick part that gets me, it reminds me of lollipops from when I was a kid, only it's even better when it's meat on a stick! Lets not forget the whole playing with fire aspect when you fire up the grill to cook the meat on a stick! The fire also imparts that slightly charred flavour that is irresistible! The whole being on a stick thing is also amazing! It takes something that would normally require a plate, knife and fork and turns it into portable finger food that's perfect for nibbling while mingling! (It's also plenty of fun having all of those finger licking juices dripping down onto your fingers!) No matter what kind of meat you are cooking this summer you really can't go wrong skewering it up on a stick and grilling it!

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