One-Pan Meals

One-Pan Meals

All too often I find that my nights are super busy and I want a quick and easy meal, that's homemade and most importantly, tasty! Quick is always good but sometimes I enjoy the simplicity of a meal that can be cooked in one-pan or one-pot or a skillet meal or a meal that can all be easily done on the grill! With the holidays approaching, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, I thought that it would be the perfect time to roundup some of my favourite one-pan meal recipes! These recipes include a wide variety of recipes from soups to pastas, to slow cooker recipes, to stews and even some grilled and oven baked recipes. I found that I have shared a lot of recipes that are a simple pan cooked meat with a tasty pan sauce where I leave out the pasta or rice and veggies so that you can construct the meal as you desire. With many of those recipes you can easily cook the pasta, rice, quinoa, etc. along with some veggies right in the pan with the sauce making an easy one-pan meal! I have updated those recipes with tips on how to turn them into one-pan meals! No matter which of these quick and easy, one-pan meal recipes that you choose you are sure to enjoy a tasty meal even on a busy night!


Jenny said...

These are all fantastic Kevin!

Mara Lichty said...

So many reasons to love a one pan mea!

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