Asparagus and Aburage Miso Soup

Asparagus and Aburage Miso Soup

This is my favorite type of miso soup. I used instant dashi rather than making it from scratch. I will have to try making the dashi from scratch in the future. Miso soup goes well in the morning for breakfast along with a bowl of nattou on rice.

1 cup dashi
1 piece aburage (sliced thinly)
4 stalks of asparagus (cut into 1 inch pieces)
1 tablespoon miso
1 green onion (chopped)

1. Boil dashi, aburage and asparagus in a small sauce pan until the asparagus is cooked.
2. Remove from heat.
3. Dissolve the miso with some of the heated dashi in a separate bowl. (We do not want to boil the miso as it will not taste as good.)
4. Add the miso back to the soup.
5. Pour the soup into a bowl and top with green onion.

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