Spicy Peanut Shrimp Sandwich with Thai Style Slaw

Spicy Peanut Shrimp Sandwich with Asian Slaw

For some reason while I was making the shrimp satay I kept thinking about the shrimp po’ boy and how good shrimp can be in a sandwich. I soon realized that since the idea was already in my head there was no way that I could not try it out and I made sure to save some of my shrimp for the sandwich. Of course it was pretty much assumed that there would be some spicy Thai peanut sauce since I had just made a big batch to go with the shrimp but, what else? I soon found myself thinking about banh mi sandwiches and all of their fresh herbs and crispy vegetables and I liked the sound of the vegetables cutting through the creamy peanut sauce with every bite. After a bit of though I decided to make a simple Thai style slaw with a base of juicy bean sprouts and a tasty dressing. Each of the components in this sandwich are good in their own rights but combined like this they form something even better! The spicy and really tasty peanut sauce, the succulent shrimp, the juicy and crunchy slaw all wrapped in a soft bun is an amazing flavour explosion in your mouth! Feel free to add a dab of mayo if you like.

Spicy Peanut Shrimp Sandwich with Thai Style Slaw

(makes 4 sandwiches)
Printable Recipe

1 baguette (cut into 4 pieces and sliced in half)
1/2 cup spicy Thai peanut sauce
1 pound shrimp satay
2 cups Thai style slaw
2 tablespoons roasted peanuts (chopped)
4 tablespoons mayonnaise (optional)

1. Assemble the sandwich and enjoy.

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Jess @ Bakericious said...

i nvr eat such combination b4, looks yummy

Chocolate Freckles said...

I love shrimp but I have never thought of eating it in a sandwich.. I should try that for sure! The picture looks awesome!

Magic of Spice said...

What a great sandwich, looks wonderful:)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

OMG, that sandwich is dreamlike!



belleaukitchen said...

the thai slaw looks excellent but I just found your recipe for spanikopita and I will be making that for a pic nic i'm planning in a couple of weeks time... thanks x

Trissa said...

Definitely a great sandwich filling - I love how you've added roasted peanuts to give the dish some crunch as well.

Sippity Sup said...

Why have I never thought of putting these in a sandwich. I especially love those banh mi style toppings. GREG

♥peachkins♥ said...

This is such a great idea!

Marisa said...

Can I come over for lunch? Seriously, I'll brave an 18 hour flight for a bite of this!

Zesty Cook said...

WOW. I stumbled this Kevin!

LunaCafe said...

I'm with you on the shrimp sandwich front, Kevin! I'm always on the lookout for a Prawn BLT in restaurans. Tommy Bahama Cafe has an excellent rendition on Maui and in Scottsdale. Your sandwich sounds fantastic. Can't wait to try it. :-) ...Susan

daphne said...

peanut and shrimps hey..that is one combi i have to try!

amalia said...


You are a real inspiration in tha kitchen. You gave great ideas and I continue to amaze my relatives with my surprise courses...

Thank you very much.

I have one question... And it's not about cooking...:) If you can, please, tell me the camera you are using to take pictures....

Thank you,


Tanantha @ I Just Love My Apron said...

Oh wow Kevin, those look amazing!!! shrimp satay is a new rendition of Thai cuisine :)

marla {family fresh cooking} said...

Kevin, this looks wonderful. I always love toasted chopped peanuts on my meals. Great flavors.

Nina said...

I just discovered your blog, and not only am I in love with its content cause well I love food, but you're fellow Torontonian too, Im a new follower via bloglovin :)


Anonymous said...

I've been looking at your recipes for a few months now and you have never failed to impress! Please don't stop blogging, your fellow foodies will be so unhappy if you do! This looks amazing, btw. Peanut sauce makes everything better :)

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