My Favourite Recipes of 2009

2009 went by so quickly! As has become tradition, I like to set aside some time at the end of the year to look back and from what I have seen, 2009 was certainly a tasty year! I wanted to come up with a list of my 10 favorite dishes of 2009 and in my first pass I still had well over 50 recipes and it had been really hard to get it down to that size. I was finally able to whittle it down to the following 10 recipes.


Lasagna - Sometimes nostalgia is hard to beat. This year I finally got around to making my favorite childhood meal, lasagna and it is still number one!

Garides Tourkolimano (Greek Shrimp)

Garides Tourkolimano (Greek Shrimp) - In 2009 I tried several really tasty Greek style shrimp and feta dishes in a tomato sauce and this stove top version was my favorite due to how quick and easy it is to make.

Asparagus and Gruyere Tart

Asparagus and Gruyere Tart - I discovered how easy it was to make amazing tarts using puff pastry and this asparagus and gruyere tart was the first and most memorable.

Singapore Chili Prawns

Singapore Chili Prawns - Another super quick and easy shrimp dish that easily makes it to the top ten dishes this year with its tasty sweet chili gravy that goes great with crusty bread or over rice.

Kimchi Quesadillas

Kimchi Quesadillas - 2009 was definitely the year of kimchi! I really enjoyed experimenting with my homemade kimchi this year and these kimchi quesadillas were my favorite. The spicy kimchi goes surprisingly well with warm melted cheese all wrapped up in crispy tortillas. Add some bacon or shiitake mushrooms to try something new for a change.

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice - Shrimp dishes certainly are making a showing in the top 10 dishes this year and this Thai pineapple and prawn fried rice has it all! You can't go wrong with fried rice, but add some curry, succulent prawns, sweet and tangy pineapple, buttery cashews, raisins, peas and currents and you have something that is simply amazing! Serve this fried rice in a hollowed out pineapple shell for an impressive tabletop presentation.

Korean Short Rib Tacos

Korean Short Rib Tacos - These tacos were inspired by the tales of Kogi's Korean/Mexican fusion dishes and they turned out great! I am already planning on trying some more Korean/Mexican fusion dishes for the new year!

Mango, Avocado and Grilled Shrimp Salad with a Peanut Dressing

Mango, Avocado and Grilled Shrimp Salad with a Peanut Dressing - You just can't go wrong with juicy shrimp, creamy avocado and sweet mango! Fresh herbs and a peanut dressing with a bit of heat finish this salad off perfectly!

Mango Chutney

Mango Chutney - Mango chutney has been one of my favorite condiments ever since I discovered it but I had always bought it at the store. This year I found out that it is pretty easy to make at home and it tastes just as good!

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie - Lets not forget about desserts! This pumpkin pie drizzled with salted caramel sauce definitely took the cake, I mean pie!

2009; What a tasty year indeed!

I am now looking forward to all of the tasty adventures awaiting in 2010!

Happy New Year!

May it be filled with good food and friends!


Annie said...

You have some fabulous recipes. I love reading this blog and trying them out. All have been great and there are so many more to come. I'm making the hot cheesy bean dip tonight. Complete with my own refried beans and taco seasoning. Can't go past home made. Those store bought ones just don't cut it. I am looking forward to sinking my tortilla chips into the gooey greatness and savouring every bite. Thanks Kevin for wonderful recipes. Looking forward to a great 2010.

Cyndi said...

What a great year of food you have had! I hope the next year is just as great!

Pam said...

Happy New Year, Kevin! Great wrap up of food, I think I have them all bookmarked!

Beachlover said...

your really an awesome blogger,nice recipes and photos!! Happy New Year to you and family:)

Claudia said...

They all look grand. I vote for the asparagus-gruyere tart as the one I need to try next!Happy New Year!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

I've already bookmarked some of these and look forward to trying others. Thanks for a great year of recipes. Have a happy and delicious 2010!

Sync Magazine said...

I love his post, happy new year.

screwdestiny said...

Yay for an amazing year of food.

Gigi said...

what a delicious year you had! happy new year. i can't wait to see what you cook up in 2010!

lillian said...

Καλη χρονια! That's Happy New Year in greek!Thanx for an amazing and inspiring year of delicious recipes! I look forward to each one,so keep them coming!Be happy,healthy and just as creative in 2010!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Everything you make looks amazing and scrumptious!

Best wishes for 2010!



Lea Ann said...

Thanks for the roundup. Those Tacos and the Fried Rice will be a must-try for me.

Kira said...

Happy New Year and have a delicious 2010!

The Italian Dish said...

What a recap! These all look so good! Happy New Year!

Joanne said...

Happy New Year Kevin! You have inspired me for such a long time and I'm sure will continue to do so. Looking forward to seeing what you produce in the New Year!

Anonymous said...

Wow, somehow I missed the kimchi recipe, looks great and I will give it a try. You can make kimchi dip, mixing finely chopped kimchi, cream cheese and kimchi liquid to make the consistency you like. Or you can whirl it all in a food processor. Good with chips and also good on sandwiches. Thanks for sharing such a great blog with us. Abundant blessings to you for the new year. Winnie

Mrs. L said...

Many of these recipes I have bookmarked to try. They all sound great!

Jeanne said...

Oh, I'd forgotten some of those fabulous recipes!! Your recipes are truly wonderful and I look forward to many more in 2010. A very happy new year to you, Kevin!

cindy said...

thts a really nice food blog you have here! nice pics too!keep up the good work!!:))

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