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  1. Annie says

    Kevin, I was told to soak the seeds in salt water beforehand….I tried fajita seasoning this time, I will see soon how tasty they turn out!

  2. Anonymous says

    Great idea with the chipotle; I'm making them today! Over the years I have soaked them in salt water and not soaked them in salt water…the only difference I've found is they take longer to bake if you soak them first, but I haven't found a difference in flavor either way. Therefore, I no longer soak them first 🙂

  3. Anonymous says

    I'm fan of your blog, Here in Venezuela is very common preparing Pumpkin seeds… Excellent repice. Congratulations! Edgar Lopez From Venezuela

  4. Joanne Ross says

    all these recipes look yummy, can't wait to get some small pumpkins and try them. Much better to have fresh than canned, unless it is home canned. Too old and decrepit to do that anymore.

  5. Anonymous says

    We have been making these since I as a child! I had to click to see how you make them. Was surprised to see oil. I have always just washed, placed on cookie sheet, salted, than toasted. They never popped for me…lol Guess it may be the oil!

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