20 Apple-icious Recipes

20 Apple-icious Recipes

One of my favourite things about fall is that it's apple season! Apples are amazing for snacking on and they can be used as an ingredients in a wide variety of dishes both fresh and cooked. You really can't go wrong adding some fresh diced apples to a salad and they bring a nice crisp texture along with a sweet and tart flavour but that is really just the beginning. Apples are truly amazing in sweet baked dishes like apple pies, crumbles, crisps, cakes, buns, muffins, oatmeal, etc. but they are also fabulous in savoury dishes like soups, sandwiches, quiches, etc. Let's not forget about some other classic apple uses including apple juice, apple cider and apple sauce all of which are fun and easy to make fresh at home! With all of the different varieties of apples at the market these days I could not help but think of some of my favourite apple recipes which I share here with you now. No matter how you use apples this fall you are bound to enjoy them!

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Tieghan said...

So many incredible apple recipes, kevin! Wow! You really do have a lot and every last once sounds awesome!

Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche said...

Kevin you're a wizard! I love how so many of these mix sweet and savoury - and they all look gorgeous!! Definitely bookmarking a few of these :)

Arthur in the Garden! said...

Wow! I have apples just waiting for this!

Johanna GGG said...

looks fantastic - I think as I get older I love apples more and more - esp with cheese and caramel so your recipes really appeal

Jenn and Jac @ sketch-free eating said...

that apple crisp pizza in unreal

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